Coverage Survey Analysis Tool

Instructions: This online calculator tool is designed to help NTD program managers analyze the results of a coverage survey. Upon entering the information below and uploading your own file, the tool will generate a polished summary of the results as a Microsoft Word document so that the user may edit the results and add in commentary and interpretation. If you are doing an integrated coverage surveys, or assessing the coverage of more than one drug separately, e.g. MDA coverage for Albendazole and Praziquantel, please run the analysis for each drug separately.

Disclaimer: The information you enter on this form, as well as the .csv file that is uploaded, is not stored or saved anywhere; all data is automatically removed from the server as soon as the report is generated.

Basic Background Information

Provide Column Headers

Instructions: For each of the following, please enter the exact name of the column header used to identify each of these fields. Note that these names are case sensitivite and should appear exactly as they do in your .csv file. Make sure to avoid using spaces; underscores or periods may be used instead (e.g., "District_name" or "" instead of "District name"). If one or moreof the variables listed below was not recorded in your survey, please leave the space blank. Click on each label below to see an explanation of the field and the required response format for each observation in the column. The csv file may contain additional columns not listed here (e.g. respondent name, bednet coverage, KAP questions, etc.).

Example Dataset - Multi District Demo
(Please be sure to upload a .csv file)